User Testimonials

"snaSurvey is an extremely powerful and flexible tool that aids research using complex designs. It saves time, by collecting and saving data in xml files that can be directly loaded into a modeling platform such as ORA. In one research survey, I saved at least 100 hours of work using snaSurvey rather than other popular web-based survey tools currently on the market. It also allowed me to create a wider range of survey item configurations than other current tools. ...I love it!"
Bill Hanson, Ph.D.,
College of Business,
Anderson University

(May 2009)

"I found snaSurvey to be an easy to use, invaluable solution to my surveying needs. I was able to construct and execute a completely customized employee survey on behalf of a business client, personalized with their corporate logo and language. This was implemented quickly and professionally from our working draft and delivered via web address unique to our consulting firm. Viewed from the client's perspective, the survey was professional in appearance and easy to complete. Ability to monitor the response rate made it easy to time 'reminder' notices to employees, maximizing likelihood of higher response rates. Additionally, snaSurvey made 'back office' data analysis easy by presenting accumulated results in an excel spreadsheet. We are very pleased with the results obtained by working with snaSurvey."
Jonathan E. Dehlinger, Ph.D.
(July 2009)

"My organizational network study (5000+ employee subjects) has a multitude of networks that shadow the formal organization chart. These multiple networks can become confusing both for the researcher and survey-taker alike which is basically a survey design concern. SnaSurvey software assigns the logically potential alters to the subject in a randomized order one-by-one for the subject to accept or reject; whereby helping to reduce confusion for the subject. SnaSurvey provides powerful tools that allow me full transparency to this complex process, which greatly helps the administration of the survey. I definitely plan to use snaSurvey for future projects! "
Randal Ford, Ph.D.,
Organization Change Director, SRHS

(Nov 2009)

"SNAsurvey provided a terrific option for SNA survey development and administration on-line. Its features for managing participant lists, completion status, and e-mail generated reminders are uniquely suited to SNA studies for whole network approaches. I found a development team that was keenly interested in supporting different needs and approaches as I modified my research design and protocols. I believe the next versions will likely address some of the 'pickups' from this development process, making the system even more user driven and adaptive to different forms of SNA questions and the management of personal identifiers. And I loved the excel downloads that are a quick fit to UCINET!"
Sandy M. Isaacs, BScN MSc RN
Ph.D. Student, School of Nursing, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

(Mar 2010)

"I used snaSurvey to collect relationship data for my dissertation project. Due to the unique procedure required for data collection, I could not use preexisting network survey programs. However, collecting the data that I needed was an easy task using snaSurvey because I could automatically integrate a conventional network survey with online friendship networks from Facebook. I was fortunate to work with the development team of snaSurvey, who were kind and dedicated to make my data collection successful. Without snaSurvey, I would have to collect and combine the data manually, which would have taken time away from analysis and the write-up."
Kyounghee Kwon
(PhD student, SUNY-Buffalo)

(May 2010)