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(2011 Oct 20) snaSurvey is fully functional and has several surveys being conducted right now. New sna survey or ona survey clients are welcome and invited. Right now, snaSurvey is still a tool that is available to clients on a case-by-case basis. If you have a project that involves a complex online instrument, an organizational network analysis(ona survey) or a social network analysis (survey sna), contact to get set up!
(2010 Feb 5) Several surveys are live and some in the development stages. We've added several new unique and pwerful features, but still working on making the system simple for the account managers, yet maintain incredibly powerful features. Public release of is now scheduled for around August 2010. Early adopters still welcomed. See the User Testimonials link(below)! Contact to inquire.
(2009 Nov 15) We're still in development, but have seven successful surveys completed. Feb 1 2010 is the target for the rollout of the public service. Alway looking for early adopters, so if you have a need for a social network survey, contact -- you'll get exactly what you need!
(2009 Feb 12) We're still in the stage of early development, but snaSurvey is operational and looking for more pioneer users! Send an email to for more info.

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